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Shield yourself with Private Domain Registration

When you register a domain name, your address, e-mail and phone number are published in the public WHOIS database.   ICANN requires this personal information to be available for anybody to view on the web.   This may leave you feeling vulnerable to e-mail spam, identity theft, as well as unsolicited telemarketing and direct marketing.

    Benefits of Private Registration:
  • Deters spammers, telemarketers, identity thieves, harassers, stalkers and others who "mine" the public WHOIS database.
    • On a typical day, about three-in-ten customers say they receive more than 50 pieces of unsolicited email.
    • A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report released in 2003, found that nearly 10 million Americans had been victimized by identity theft in the previous year.
    • The situation has gotten worse since that report was published, and on a global basis.
    • With this in mind, we believe this additional service has value to many customers.

  • Protects Your Personal Information. The information you want to keep private is kept out of the public WHOIS database. You are assigned alternate contact information that is displayed in your WHOIS listing.
    • Reducing email spam
    • Guarding against identify theft
    • Deterring unsolicited telemarketing and direct mail
    • Hiding residential/home office address information
    • Taking precautions with personal safety concerns of customers

  • Protects Your Domain Name Registration. Gives you full control and standing as registrant over the domain names in your account, unlike "proxy" services where you give up control.

Order Private Registration For Your Domain Name(s)!

This additional service can apply to any of our customers' existing or new domain name registrations
with the following extensions:
.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .asia, .ag, .bz, .cc, .ch, .co, .cx, .cz, .gd, .gs, .hn, .la, .lc, .li, .me, .mn, .ms, .sc, .tc, .tv, .vc, .vg, .ws only

Technical Information:
Expiration Dates
The Private Registration term and expiration date are independent of the domain name registration term and expiration date. If Private Registration is added at the time you create a new domain name registration, the services will be fulfilled together and share the same expiration date. If Private Registration is added to an existing domain name at any other time, the expiration dates will not be linked.
Renewal Notifications
The Private Registration renewal and notification process follows a similar cycle as domain name registrations.
If you have not renewed the Private Registration service by the expiration date or within the grace period following the expiration date, the Private Registration service will automatically be deleted from your domain name. This means that the domain name will revert back and display the full registrant information.
Deletion Cycle
If we have to delete a domain name for non-payment or because it was not renewed within the initial grace period, the associated Private Registration service also will be deleted from your domain name. Please note, if you restore a domain name registration utilizing the redemption service (in effect after the initial grace period), you will have to purchase this service again.

The information you want to keep private:

The public WHOIS listing for your domain name registration will contain your alternate contact information which includes the following:

E-mail Address -- Your newly created e-mail address changes every 10 days to protect you from people who mine the WHOIS database and sell the information. E-mail received at this address will be filtered for spam and forwarded to your designated e-mail account.
Postal Address -- Your postal address displayed in your WHOIS listing is a PO Box address in care of our partner, Network Solutions, to stop junk mail and unwanted persons from finding your home. Mail received via Certified Mail® or Express Mail™ will be forwarded to you.
As an agent for you, the customer, our partner, Network Solutions, opens all USPS Express and Certified Mail, per our Service Agreement, and faxes a copy to the customer for free. (A customer may pay Fed Ex charges to have hard copies forwarded.) First class mail is returned to the sender, and Third Class mail is shredded. USPS Express Mail is processed via Fax for free.
Phone Number -- Your phone number listing displayed in WHOIS will be answered by an answering service that instructs the caller how to contact you via the e-mail address and/or postal address listed in WHOIS.

Sample WHOIS record with Private Registration:

 Franklin Registration
 c/o Network Solutions
 P.O. Box 447
 Herndon, VA.  20172-0447
    Administrative Contact:
       Franklin, Sheryl
       Franklin Communications / DomainRegister.Com
       c/o Network Solutions
       P.O. Box 447
       Herndon, VA 20172-0447
    Technical Contact:
       Franklin, Sheryl
       Franklin Communications Services
       c/o Network Solutions
       P.O. Box 447
       Herndon, VA 20172-0447
    Record last updated on 03-Feb-2005.
    Record expires on 03-Sep-2005.
    Record created on 03-Sep-2004.
    Database last updated on 3-Feb-2005 05:26:31 EST.
    Domain servers in listed order:


Full control and standing as registrant:

With a Solutions Private Registration, you receive alternate contact information displayed in your WHOIS listing, without giving up your standing as the registrant of the domain name, unlike "proxy" services. Also, you're not restricted from transferring your domain name registration to another registrant or registrar.


WHOIS public database:
The WHOIS public database is a requirement of ICANN, and displays a domain name holder's contact information. The public WHOIS database is accessible by anyone, 24 hours a day, and includes the following information:
  • Domain name holder's name and address
  • Address, phone number, and e-mail address of the domain name contacts
  • Date of the domain name registration
  • Date of the most recent update to the domain name record
  • Date that the domain name registration will expire
  • Host name and IP addresses for the domain name servers


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the nonprofit body responsible for accrediting domain name registrars, requires all domain name providers, including Network Solutions®, to make your contact information publicly available.


Domain Register allows people, on a global basis, to search for available .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .asia, .eu, .am, .ag, .at, .be, .bz, .cc, .ch, .co,,,, .cx, .cz, .de, .fm, .gs, .hn, .in,,,,,,, .la, .lc, .li, .me, .mn, .mobi, .ms, .mx,,,,, .pl, .sc, .tv, .tw,,,,,, domain names. We perform a 'whois' in a user-friendly format. Once a desired available domain name is found, Domain Register allows people to order their domain name registration with the InterNIC on-line. This is also called URL registration, web name, website name, custom domain registration, dns registration services, net names registration, internet identity registration, or even sometimes internet business name registration.

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